The 65 Deluxe offers achoice of aCelestion Greenback 25, aperiodcorrect Oxford speaker, and an EVM12. The Strymon Iridium, Boss IR200, Atomic AmpliFirebox MKII, Line 6 Pod Go, Walrus ACS1, and undoubtedly afew more that Ive forgotten, will all give you very decent emulated amp and speaker sounds for asimilar price. I had an epiphany looking at my pedals the other day when I realized deep dive menus and secondary functions are usually a deal breaker for me. I would take the Grammatico, Litigator, Ventoux, Matchless and Friedman models any day. Very convincing miked amp and speaker sound for DI recording. Both sounded amazing in demos. As soon as you move one, its sound will jump to the new position. Theres just asingle control, as in the real thing, but nothing youd want to tweak: just beautiful for anywhere between subtle and surf. The growing family of UAFX pedals from Universal Audio now includes three amp-emulator models that join the Astra Modulation Machine, Golden Reverberator and Starlight Echo Station we previously reviewed. Art's busy performance schedule with three stylistically diverse groups provides ample opportunity to test-drive new guitars, amps and effects, many of which are featured in the pages of GP. If you are aVox fan, youll know the players and vocabulary of the sounds. My main amp sim on it is the Deluxe Reverb (US Deluxe Vib). Built on powerful dual-engine processing and UAD audio modeling expertise, the Dream '65 effects pedal delivers bold cleans, sweet breakup, and divine spring reverb and vibrato. The comparison between the @UniversalAudio Dream '65 and the @strymon Iridium. Many users prefer the amp without, although there are admittedly some classic Deluxe clean sounds that rely on it for abit of sparkle. In the input block, I keep the noise gate on. The iridium was always in the uncanny Valley for me but still usable, and I found mine didn't take other pedals well at all. There's no escaping the fact that, for a pedal that only offers one amp model, the Dream '65 is a pricey prospect. TDPRI, short for Telecaster Discussion Page Reissue, is the leading online community and marketplace for Telecaster guitars. You need to buy that next amp sim for all of us! Once enabled in the app, you can connect output 1 to the front of the amp, where you would normally connect aguitar, and output 2 to the amps effectsloop return. The onboard speaker sims are OK, but I downloaded the York IR Deluxe Reverb IRs and absolutely love those. I frequently run a light compressor after the amp model. could you share the settings for the Stomp Dream? I would say the second best amp sim I've played is the two notes cab m+ because you can much more easily configure multiple mic set ups and go into the weeds with the tubes and preamp set up. There is a reason it is on so many pros boards. Couldnt resist. Thats one area where Im very happy to see modelling departing from accuracy! UAs Dream 65 ReverbAmp is capable of some of the finest, most detailed and, above all, most playable emulations of arecorded amp sound Ive ever heard. The Fender "round" model on the Iridium is good but it doesn't match the Dream. Universal Audio UAFX Dream '65 Reverb UAFX Dream '65 Reverb Amplifier 60 Muddy Waters Elvis CostelloDream '65 UAD . They are what they are. The three selections on the right-hand Boost switch play a big role in shaping tones. Ihave this mod in my Deluxe, too, and it is superwell replicated here, complete with the potential pitfall of making things too woofy if you are not careful to balance its effect against other control settings. Simple to use by itself, or with the Neuro editor, you can go as deep as you want on editing the sounds. 1966 4x10 Fender Super Reverb cab with original CTS speakers, which give you that vintage surf-rock Alnico vibe. You must log in or register to reply here. Win! The room simulation is spectacular, and just lifts you out of the dry sterility of closemiking into aplaying comfort zone when recording. BLUF: the UAFX Dream 65 is a great pedal but not really that much of a jump from the HX Stomp.I really like the build of the Dream 65. In aword, superb! The six cab sims on it are all great. Reddit and its partners use cookies and similar technologies to provide you with a better experience. Please refresh the page and try again. He also wrote the first book on vintage effects pedals, Stompbox. You just have to remember that it is baked in to the output, and you may want to dial it back to fit the context of atrack. Connecting to an amp: what UA call the 4cable mode. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. I owned a rack unit kemper which I eventually sold because what I really want is basically a kemper that's simplified and in a smaller pedal format (the floor version is still too big). 12 different spring reverb engines. Played two shows with the dream and when I went back to the iridium it was honestly like a breath of fresh air. My only complaint is that some of the factory presets you can download off of the app allow for one cab on the left and a different cab on the right. Frankly, it sounds great. The Dream '65, Ruby '63 and Woodrow '55 are digital amp emulators that claim to capture the mic'd-up tones of three classic valve combos with new levels of authenticity. The Amp position activates the standard control complement for an AC30, while the Preset position is used to store custom sounds. UA recommends the combination of the Blue speaker selection with the Brilliant channel as a pairing used by the Beatles and U2. The modelled tone stack obviously works in conjunction with the circuit tweaks of the modded amps. I believe you have to use a Y-cable to TRS adapter. Im just a bedroom musician but actually in that case ampless is important. I like the Walrus ACS1, it go an edge to it that sounds love rather than studio, to me. and our It is like having 50 different pedals in one enclosure. Volume at 80%, Bass and Treble centred, no boost pedal. I love the Neuro Desktop App for deep dives. UA recommends the combination of the Blue speaker selection with the Brilliant channel as a pairing used by the Beatles and U2, which is certainly a good start for exploring the other five micd-speaker combinations, a good one for distortion tones being Match, a 2x12 Matchless cabinet with Celestion G12-H speakers micd with a Shure SM-57. The Woodrow 55 really is adelightful little amp, full of nuances and historic tonal references. Admittedly, I put that down to my own lack of experience with 50s tweed Fenders. The comparison between the. List of Partners (vendors) No Personalization. - IT DRIPS! Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Universal Audio UAFX Dream '65 Reverb Amplifier at UAFX pedals feature true stereo processing, so the left and right inputs are processed completely independently. Happy to keep my hx-stomp knowing I'm not missing much with the dream/ruby :). Im trying to set my stomp and dream up like this. Source Audio True Spring - the best most versatile stereo spring reverb and tremolo pedal on the market. You are using an out of date browser. Today's best Universal Audio Dream 65, Universal Audio Ruby 63 and Universal Audio Woodrow 55 deals, We check over 250 million products every day for the best prices. Your email address will not be published. I run a stereo pair with a Shure 57 IR on the left and a Royer 121 ribbon IR on the right. Press J to jump to the feed. This helps keep it from sounding too digital. Then UAFX released their Dream 65 and GAS got me and I just had to try it out. It took a while to get to know it and get it dialed in, but I have it in a place that I really like. Im going to start with the 65 Deluxe, because that is my amp of choice in the real world of actual tube ampsmine is a68, but tweaked to the earlier spec, and also with some of the same mods. If you are auditioning this one, be sure to spend some time in the cleans, juggling the two volumes. With a little tweaking, I got it to sound and feel exactly like my ideal blackface DR would sound. / , , . If you're looking for even greater control, the Dream '65 sports Bluetooth compatibility to connect to Universal Audio's UAFX app for enhanced editing, access to artist presets, and more! Now, with the pedal bypassed, your guitar signal goes straight into the front of amp, with the pedals input 2 routing straight across to output 2 to complete the effects loop. I still might get a Stomp one of these dayseven if to free up some spots on my board for my more "set and forget" stuff. Does either configuration help when switching to other amp models? It sounds like a Deluxe Reverb. The Iridium is now for sale. I typically run an Eventide H9, Source Audio Collider, and a Source Audio True Spring in the effects loop. Two-Rock 2x12 extension cab with Celestion G12-65s, with ribbon and 57 mic emulation, which mimics a California ported cab sound. Either way it makes me wonder why I held off for so long. New Release: EDM Expanse (Construction Kits). How much feel difference would you say there is? It sounds different than all the other options and I think it is because this pedal models the reverb being between the preamp and power amp. I almost pulled the trigger but started looking at the HX Stomp. Im so glad I didnt buy one of these UAFX pedals. Built on powerful dual-engine processing and acclaimed UAD modelling, the Dream '65 is designed to deliver broad cleans, sweet breakup, and heavenly spring reverb/vibrato effects all from a compact unit that easily fits on your pedalboard! He has authored stories with numerous guitar greats including B.B. I would take the Dream 65 over Iridium if I had to do it again. Surely next? The York IR model of an Oxford speaker sounds very similar to the UAFX one. Its so good for combating the unnaturalness of aDId situationquite hard to say if Id miss the room or the spring more, if the Dream 65 had the room instead. Me, too. The app caters for configuration and preset management, but its probably fair to say theres scope for this to be developed further.By default, the two footswitches select Live and Preset mode (versus buffered Bypass), but you can assign the righthand one to be perhaps aLive/Preset toggle, while the left toggles something useful like boost, reverb or vibrato. A Vintage 1968 2x12 Fender Twin Reverb cab with original JBL D-120F speakers, creating a really detailed sound thats great for finger picking and is extremely responsive to gain-level adjustments. Create an account to follow your favorite communities and start taking part in conversations. Sitemap. Detailed amp feel and performance emulation. I did my best to tone match each clip, but it is worth pointing out that these two pedals really do not seem to be a 1:1. Here are the Deluxe settings I like: Drive 3.5 Bass 5.0 Mid 6.8 Treble 6.5 - 8 Presence 0 Ch Vol 8 Master 10.0 Sag 6.5 Hum 5.0 Ripple 5.0 Bias 6.5 Bias X 5.0. I think this is a case of GAS getting the better of me because I literally cannot find anything it can do that I didnt already have. The use of alowgain 12AY7 tube as the input stage in this design keeps the clean sound really sweet, with the fixed bright capacitor on the Instrument channel able to be balanced out by also advancing the Mic channel. All YouTube videos I've watched go nuts saying the UA Lineup is the best thing ever happened to modelling, so I find it really cool to hear the difference to the hx-stomp isn't that big. I would have loved to get the HX but it was a bit more money than I could get the ampero for. BLUF: the UAFX Dream 65 is a great pedal but not really that much of a jump from the HX Stomp. financing* i Bundle Savings Available! What each of us looks for in aguitar amp is obviously very personal, and there is no reason why that should be any different when seeking to replace areal amp with adigital simulation. This channel doesnt have the gain of the Brilliant channel where many of the classic glassy Vox tones are to be found, but it is somehow organic and satisfying. Honestly, there wasnt anything I felt like I needed or was missing. You can summon more dirt via the boost knob, which adds front-end gain from the preamp section of an EP-III Echoplex, but even with boost all the way up theres not a huge amount of distortion here. Like most things on aVox, its abit different and certainly rewards experimentation. So many brilliant (literally) sounds in here. 2023: The Year Epiphone Became Unaffordable, Don't store picks in zip bags for too long. There is atrue stereo path through the unit if you use both inputs, but if you use one input and both outputs, you are actually running two phaselocked instances of very slightly different amps, as if using an A/BY box. And though you can choose a few different combinations of two, the options I was looking for were not available. I've also have bought 3rd party IRs to achieve great sounds but am pretty sure I could achieve great sounds with the stock cabs too. Someone who will relish investing perhaps years of playing into making one of them their amp and their sound, just as many of us have done with our versions of the real thing. All the other pedals either come before the amp or after the amp. Given the potential vagaries of Bluetooth connection and the possibility of your mobile device being inconveniently out of power, Ithink there really should be an emergency revert to Live/Preset routine accessible by rebooting while holding down both footswitches, or something. He runs it through an 1176 and an API eq before capturing the IR and you can choose just IR, IR + 1176, IR + API eq, or IR + 1176 and API eq. There was a problem. These give me lots of options for both spring reverb and tremolo. When you start using the modified amps, Ifind those settings seem to want to be more like seven and two, which mirrors my realworld experience. The big one. The following is the most up-to-date information related to universal audio dream vs walrus acs1 vs strymon iridium - fender amp comparison. I was back and forth between an HX Stomp and the Dream 65. The loop send is then connected to input 2 on the UA pedal. It feels solid and durable. The Cut control is around 10%. Boost comes from anicely modelled Maestro Echoplex EP3 preamp stage, which adds colour and abit of heft to the sound. The pursuit of ultimate reality in emulations is not without consequence, and players who have only ever used modellers might be surprised to find that everything on 11 doesnt automatically get you asweet, singing lead tone: in the real world, it often gets you abrittle, flubby mess. I'd super interested to know if using a Y-splitter to headphones sounds good and works without hassle. I think I need a headphone setup - long story short, we are sharing a small house with roommates until we can buy (early next year) and Im not getting any practice in due to not wanting to disturb anyone. For those that are interested, here is my signal chain: JHS Cheese Ball - a surprisingly versaitile fuzz. I've been testing the Dream and Ruby against the Iridium + Flint and a bunch of pedals in front for my headphone rig. Acaveat here is that the footswitch modes are remembered by the pedal, so if you assign both switches to something other than Live/Preset selection, you wont be able to change mode without then using app to reassign one of them. Even on the highestgain sounds, amplifier selfnoise remains lowmuch lower than the real thing. Built on powerful dual-engine processing and world-class UAD modeling, Dream '65 delivers bold cleans, sweet breakup, and divine spring reverb and vibrato. Dont let your partner stop you. If it had an external jack, I could add an external switch. The Stomps tremolo options are great as well. With some proper dialing and a good 3rd party IR, the hx stomp is very hard to beat. Here too, UAs recommended pairing of a Silver speaker with the Normal channel for a classic Brian May setup will inspire you to check out the other micd-speaker combinations on offer here. What is the glittery gold pedal with the oil rig looking graphic on the far left, bottom row? Be the first to share what you think! Also find news related to Universal Audio Dream Vs Walrus Acs1 Vs Strymon Iridium Fender Amp Comparison which is trending today. They definitely sound better out of the box than the Stomps. This sounds more like Dream vs. This one can get very raw! GuitarPlayer is part of Future plc, an international media group and leading digital publisher. Key Features PRICE345 DESCRIPTIONDigital stereo amp emulator pedal, made in Malaysia MPC One based studio - thoughs and opinions please. We also have additional pricing info and tools in the tables below. Amp Emulators Lose yourself in legit vintage tone. The contents of this article are subject to worldwide copyright protection and reproduction in whole or part, whether mechanical or electronic, is expressly forbidden without the prior written consent of the Publishers. Each virtual amp is paired with one of three userselectable, UA OXstyle dynamically modelled speaker, cabinet and miking combinations. The 123STABLE project will feature platinum- and iridium-based nanostructures as a model system to introduce a unique "123" approach, as they still possess the best electrocatalytic properties for the future electrification of society through the Hydrogen economy. Universal Audio UAFX Dream '65 51 +7 Sound samples Hazey 0:00 0:00 Stereo Amp and Cabinet Emulation Pedal With spring reverb and vibrato, multiple speakers, cabinets and boosts, live and preset modes, and customisation options with the UAFX mobile app Microphone and speaker combinations from the OX Amp Top Box When you return the centre switch to the Amp position after setting trem parameters, you retain the sound as if the Treble and Boost controls hadnt been adjusted, but they will now be in the positions in which you achieved your desired trem setting. http://www.superdangerstudios.comFollow on IG: used (Amazon are affiliate links)---Universal Audio Dream '65: IRIDIUM: FLINT: Booster: SD-1 Super Overdrive: Labs Sparkle Drive MOD: Blues Jr: Pickups: Necks: Iridium: Audio IR: UC1: 2017 5k: A6400 camera: 16mm f1.4 lens: Duet 3 Audio Interface: use the Apogee Duet but it is out of stock at over 10 years old, this is the newer one that will work just as wellSony MDR-7506: Some presets also use setups not available in Live mode (mismatched speaker pairings, offaxis miking) which Ifind rather frustrating. For what we have are the first three in what must surely be intended as an expanding series of modelspecific virtual guitar amps. Indeed as read on the UA forum, all you'd need is a Y-cable to combine the 2 outputs into 1 TRS female (1/8" or 1/4" depending on why you headphones have). Imo the iridium is much better sounding than the Dream 65. (in this pic, the Dream 65 is where the True Spring usually goes.). The place for all things related to guitar pedals. I did try out the Sennheiser HD650 configurations - and do agree that you've got a pretty decent line level with those, but my preference are the AirPod cans and the Sennheisers will be sent back. Universal Audio Dream '65 Reverb Amplifier Brand New 30-Day Return Policy Alto Music Middletown, NY, United States (105,966) 187,000 sales since 2014 Message Seller Payment & Returns About This Listing Get the classic American tube amp sounds that shaped music. I think thats what people are referring to.